ACDE General Accord (ratified 2005)
Accord on Initial Teacher Education (ratified 2005)
Accord on Indigenous Education (ratified 2009)
Accord on Indigenous Education: Progress Report
Accord on Research in Education (ratified 2010)
Accord on Early Learning and Early Childhood Education (ratified 2012)
Accord on Research in Education: Background Document
Accord on the Internationalization of Education (2013)

ACDE members are committed to developing the Association as a meaningful, influential, and positive voice for education in Canada. ACDE members signed a General Accord in 2006, to represent the agreement of the signatories to work together toward that goal. The General Accord outlines a series of shared commitments and values relative to education.

The General Accord represents the ongoing relationship among ACDE members. The partnership vision of the General Accord includes the development of a series of agreements on principles in specific areas of interest to ACDE. These “principles” documents, or Accords, are meant to contribute to national, public discourse on the importance of public education in developing and sustaining a civil society

ACDE’s second Accord, the Accord on Initial Teacher Education, was ratified in October 2005 and signed at CSSE 2006 at York University in Toronto. Since then, the Accord has come to the attention of policy makers, politicians, teacher educators, educational researchers, and education organizations across Canada. It is being used in programmatic reviews and in the development of program standards in many institutions. It was the subject of a special edition of the Canadian Journal of Education (CJE Volume 32, No. 4).

The Accord on Indigenous Education was launched in Montréal on June 1, 2010, an event that received considerable media attention. Its purpose is to advance Indigenous identities, cultures, languages, values, ways of knowing, and knowledge systems in all Canadian learning settings.

The Accord on Educational Research, which was ratified in May, 2010, was launched at CSSE 2011, in Fredericton. The Accord on Educational Research was first discussed at a Summit on Educational Research hosted by UBC in September, 2007, as the outcome of a conversation on how to make visible to stakeholders the nature and significance of educational research. The Accord on Educational Research is accompanied by a background document that elaborates some of the key points outlined in the Accord.

In October, 2012, ACDE members ratified an Accord on Early Learning and Early Childhood Education, which will be launched in June, 2013, at the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE).