Canadian Society for the Study of Women in Education

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Member Spotlight: Heather McLeod

Heather led a research project focused on pre-service teacher dress at Memorial University and am beginning a new study on Teacher Dress in Newfoundland and Labrador (SSHRC/VP funding). By dress she means clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, glasses, make-up, body decoration, tattoos, accessories and other possibilities (Weber and Mitchell, 1995).

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Member Spotlight: Sharon Cook

Sharon Cook retired this June after a career of 41 years in education.  Coming to maturity in her life and profession at roughly the same time as Second-Wave Feminism became firmly planted in Canadian society (and as an early supporter of that movement), she has had the opportunity to reflect on how Feminism has challenged the educational system, and in turn, how Feminism itself has been shaped in Canada by education and educators.

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Member Spotlight: Pam Patterson

Pam Patterson has, for over 25 years, been active in the arts, academic and women’s communities. Her performances, research, teaching, media works and photo-based installations have focused on the body in art, disability studies, women’s and gender studies and feminist art education.

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Member Spotlight: Kathy Sanford

Kathy’s introduction to CSSE was through CASWE, where in 1999 she met Sharon Abbey, the President of CASWE at the time, who invited her into the organization. Kathy was asked to act as CASWE program co-chair for the 2000 Congress, and co-chaired the CASWE Institute in 2000. It was the beginning of her long-term commitment to CASWE, to its members and its intentions.

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Member Spotlight: Kris Wells

Kristopher Wells completed his PhD in Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta, Edmonton. His doctoral research, which focused on addressing sex, sexual, and gender differences in K-12 education, received several national and provincial awards.

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Member Spotlight: Tonya Callaghan

Tonya Callaghan first became a member of CASWE in 2005 during the first year of her Master’s degree. Her research has always revolved around CASWE themes such as encouraging social justice in matters related to gender.

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Member Spotlight: Christina Skorobohacz

I am a doctoral candidate in Educational Studies (Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of Education) at Brock University in St. Catharine’s, Ontario. My dissertation research explicates the social organization of Canadian graduate research and teaching assistantships through Institutional Ethnography.

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Member Spotlight: Indrani Margolin

I have always had a deep love and respect for CASWE. It is why I applied for an award with this conference. In the 2 years I presented at CASWE the support I received provided incredible validation and fuel to further my pursuits with young women.

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Member Spotlight: Sarah Bonsor Kurki

After having spent nearly a decade in the classroom my efforts shifted to my own learning and I began the Master’s program at UVic.  This was a challenging and successful endeavour for me and I am excited to be continuing my studies. I am currently a doctoral student in the department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Victoria.

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CASWE offers a forum for exposing vital components of contemporary education that are frequently rendered invisible by existing pedagogy, curriculum, philosophy, policy, and school organization.

CASWE and Social Justice: Social justice and equity concerns have been constructed in particular ways with a subtle or even conspicuous avoidance of alternative interpretations.

CASWE Issues: Issues of gender pervade social justice and equity in aspects of existing pedagogy, curriculum, philosophy, policy and school organization.