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Vale Surrenders Willisville Mountain

Hi Colleagues:

We did it! 45 Artists 1 Mountain. The Willisville Mountain Project toured for 1 year and was exhibited in 5 cities. I am very pleased to be able to tell you that we have succeeded in our quest to ‘Save Willisville Mountain’. Willisville Mountain will now be preserved for generations to come!

Vale has responded favourably to the petition presented by the Village of Willisville and the La Cloche Mountains Preservation Society. Vale has removed Willisville Mountain, and the areas north named B, C and D, from their aggregate licence #20568. This was a historic day for Canada, the La Cloche area, Willisville Mountain and the village of Willisville.

The La Cloche area an inspiration for all. Speaking on behalf of the residents of Willisville, the La Cloche Mountains Preservation Society and their many supporters Jon Butler, President La Cloche Mountains Preservation Society, applaud Vale on their leadership and resolve to save this pristine wilderness.

The Willisville Mountain Project Art Touring Exhibition (2009-10) was exhibited in Whitefish Falls Community Centre, Whitefish Falls; Museum of Northern History, Kirkland Lake;  Temiskaming Art Gallery, Haileybury; Art Gallery of Sudbury, Sudbury; Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah, Sheguiandah. This touring exhibition brought attention to the Willisville Mountain and through the published book that details the history of the project and profiles the artists and their work inspired by the Willisville Mountain and the surrounding area. We created an online petition and collected many signatures.

I had presented The Willisville Mountain Project at the CACS Celebration of Scholarly and Creative Works, held during the Canadian Society for the Study of Education Conference at the 79th Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

I would like to thank all of the Artists who participated in The Willisville Mountain Project that toured for a year in 5 locations as it made this project visible. The participating Artists are:

Lise Aubin-Arseneau, Brian Atyeo, Christi Belcourt, Beth Bouffard, Kathy Browning, Jon Butler, Willisville (ON), Jill Campbell, Merle Canjar, Rose Marie Condon, Mark Connors, Vera Constantineau, Tony Cooper, Carol Currie, Micheal Cywink, Emily J. De Angelis, Laura Starbuck Dildine, Karen Dominick, Nick Dubecki, Richard Edwards, Sophie Anne Edwards, Martin Foley, Cesar Forero, David French, Paul Gauthier, Lucie Idlout, Linda Kauppi, John Knox, Laura Landers, Margo Little,Mary-Lou MacDonald, Alfredo Marin - Carle, Irvin Elwood Marshall, Lance Migwans, Wayne Peltier, Taimi Poldmaa, David Read, Pierre A. Sabourin, Marlies Schoenefeld, Sylvia Simpson, Ian Tamblyn, Glenna Treasure, Christopher Varady-Szabo, Gaspé (PQ), Sarah Warburton, Ivan Wheale, and Linda Williamson.

Special thanks also must go to: Angie Robson of Vale; Ruth Steedman of the MNR; Tom & Linda Kelley of Willisville/Boulder,Colorado; the residents of Willisville and Whitefish Falls; the thousands of people that signed our petition; the Board of the La Cloche Mountains Preservation Society – John Mastin, Brian O’Neill, Kris Puhvel and Ian Tamblyn; the Butler Family, John, Kerry, Loren, Vanessa, Sam and everyone who signed the online petition.

It is possible to save a mountain through Art and Arts Advocacy. This was a historic day for Canada, the La Cloche area, Willisville Mountain and the village of Willisville. Vale must be sincerely congratulated for their move to preserve the Willisville Mountain area for our future generations who will enjoy the beauty and spirituality of our area.


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